• Spanish for Heritage Speakers III Syllabus Course No.H7003LY

    Updated Fall 2023


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    Ruth Espinoza

    espinozari@wps.k12.va.us  (540) 662-3471 (X45241)

    Rm. 2407

    Mon. & Tue. by appointment, after school


    General Information


    Spanish for Fluent Speakers III is designed for students to improve their comprehension, speak, read, and write in Spanish. The course will follow the ACTFL and Virginia standards for learning a foreign language. The main objectives of level I include:

    • Interpersonal speaking and writing as interactive processes in which students learn to communicate with another Spanish speaker.

    • Interpretive listening and reading as receptive processes in which students develop comprehension of Spanish.

    • Presentational speaking and writing in which students focus on organization of thoughts and awareness of their audience in delivering information.


    Prerequisite:  Completion of Spanish for Fluent Speakers II or completion of Spanish I with the ability to understand Spanish, communicate verbally, and to write and read in Spanish.

    This course continues to explore language and cultural issues through authentic and fictional resources. Students will benefit from further instruction in reading, writing, basic principles of grammar, spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, accents, and paragraph organization.  They will continue to explore culturally relevant issues while reinforcing their  sense of cultural pride.  This class will be taught exclusively in Spanish.


    ***The full standards can be found here.


    Goals and Expectations

    Students will be assessed throughout the semester with quizzes, tests, projects, presentations, reading comprehension activities, writings, speaking activities, and listening activities. Students should work toward the goal of Spanish fluency. Students will be expected to participate in class and complete all required work in order to practice and polish their skills.


    Classroom Rules and Procedures

    • School wide PBIS student behavior expectations:

      1. Respect Time and Place

      2. Leave It Better Than You Found It

      3. Be Present

      4. Be the Good


    • Classroom specific Student behavior expectations:

    1.  Be prepared and on time

    2.  Respect yourself, others, and the school

    3.  Follow all policies and procedures listed in the Handley Student Handbook:

    A.       Cell phones –There will be no cell phones allowed during instructional time. Headphones should be put away, not around your neck or head or in your ears. No cellphones are required, so ALL cell phones must be out of view, and out of reach. Any cell phone will be confiscated until the end of the day. 

    4. In case of any doubt or clarification, please ASK

    5. Housekeeping routines and work procedures will be discussed during the first week of classes. 

    1.  Mindset: We learn from our mistakes, but we always do our best.


    *The expectations to earn Pride Points will be decided as a class during the first week of school*

    Course Materials

    Required Materials

    Students will be expected to bring the following materials to class everyday:

    • Supplies:

    • Chromebook

    • Composition notebook

    • Pencil case with: pens, pencils, and erasers 

     1 pack of white board markers + used, clean sock

    In class we will use the Realidades 1 and Realidades 2 texts along with other ancillary materials as deemed necessary. 



    Secondary Grading Policy Link

    Grades are based on a student’s mastery of the course objectives by the end of the grade reporting period, and are represented by points that are assigned to classroom assignments and assessments. Powerschool and canvas will display the same grades, but PowerSchool is our official reporting grade book.

    Numeric Value

    Letter Grade

    Quality Points

    90 – 100



    80 – 89



    70 – 79



    60 – 69



    59 and below





    Cheating and plagiarizing will not be tolerated. Any cases of cheating will result in a zero. In addition, the cheating parties will be required to re-do the work. The potential to earn points will depend on the circumstances.

    . . . . 

    Using an online translator is considered cheating. Not only is it cheating, but it will most likely provide you with an incorrect translation. They are not as smart as people. Instead, use a trusted website such as WordReference for a dictionary.


    Homework will be given frequently. Students will receive 3 points for completed, mostly accurate work; 2 points for incomplete work; and 1 point for homework assignments that are not turned in. No zero will be given for homework except in cases of academic fraud. Students will receive 2 points for homework turned in late provided it is done well.

    Late Work

    All late assignments will receive an automatic penalty of 10% for every school day that the assignment is late. All students will have two weeks after an assignment due date to make up the missing assignment. After two weeks, a zero will be assigned and the opportunity to make up the assignment will have passed. Special circumstances must be communicated to the teacher.



    There will be frequent quizzes and a chapter test for each unit. There will also be a final exam at the end of the year. All missed assessments must be completed outside of class time within two weeks of the assigned date. There will be opportunities before and after school as well as during advisory time. 

    Course Planner

    Through the study of the following topics, students build the necessary skills to reach the assessment objectives through the expansion of their receptive, productive, and interactive skills. Please note that the suggested pacing listed may vary due to the needs of the class.




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