Emil and Grace Shihadeh Innovation Center

  • Emil and Grace Shihadeh Innovation Center

Expanding Education to Meet the Workforce Needs of Tomorrow

  • The Emil & Grace Shihadeh Innovation Center will empower students with 21st century readiness skills through an integrated, project based learning approach that will connect with local industry to develop life ready graduates that are highly skilled, self-directed and community minded.

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    According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the labor market is projected to expand by 6 million new jobs over the next 10 years. By 2029 one in four people will be aged 65 and older, leading to a large portion of the workforce exiting the labor market creating opportunities for those starting out on their career pathways.

    The new Emil and Grace Shihadeh Innovation Center will prepare Winchester students and community members for the in-demand, skilled workforce of tomorrow. The goal is to ensure that every student is prepared and empowered with  marketable skills that lead to full-time, high-paying employment and that every regional industry is fully supplied with dedicated, skilled workers that will sustain and enhance their business model.

    A joint venture with Lord Fairfax Community College and local industry partners, the Shihadeh Innovation Center will train and equip youth and adults to meet the demands of the regional job market. Industry partners will play an active role in the development of the program of study, while also committing to work-based learning opportunities for students and culminating in marketable certification opportunities. The Innovation Center will be a hub of workforce development for the community, serving both high school students and adults.

    Opening August 2021

    Funding for the Emil and Grace Shihadeh Innovation Center is coming from a mix of private and public donations, as well as skills and labor donated by local businesses. Coverage of the Winchester Public Schools announcement can be found at Local DVM News.

    * Visit our Project Timeline & Photos page for construction updates including pictures captured during the renovation and construction process.

A Cutting-Edge Facility

  • The instructional culture at the Innovation Center will be interdisciplinary and organized into industry themes where Career & Technical Education (CTE) teachers, core academic teachers, and students will be working together on authentic, real-world problems.

    While attending the Innovation Center, students will take one CTE course and one core class. All JHHS students will be expected an opportunity to have an experience at the Innovation Center over the course of their high school career. Evening class opportunities will be available for adult training as a part of a partnership with Lord Fairfax Community College.

Career Academies

  • Three academies are housed at the Innovation Center, each offering programs that will equip students with the skills and credentials needed for a career in their respective field:

     Professional Skills Academy icon Professional Skills Academy      Health Sciences Academy icon Health Sciences Academy       Advanced Technologies Academy Advanced Technologies Academy