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    Change of Address or Telephone
    It is essential that parent/student address,  telephone and other contact  information be accurate and up to date in the office. Please notify the school immediately if you have a change of address, telephone number or other contact information during the school year.

    Crisis Plans
    All Winchester Public Schools have crisis intervention plans. These plans are designed to meet the needs of each individual school. The plans focus on the safety of the children during various possible threatening situations. As with fire drills, these crisis plans will be practiced throughout the school year. We do not anticipate any threatening situations in or outside of the building, however if one does arise, we have very specific plans in place to protect students. Find out more on our Emergency Management Plan page.

    Food & Drink
    Both breakfast and lunch are served at JHHS. Breakfast will be served as a grab and go bag when students arrive in the morning. Students will take their breakfast to their classrooms to eat. Lunch will also be served and eaten in the classroom due to COVID-19 restrictions. Food and drink will not be permitted outside of the designated eating areas. Fast food and restaurant food deliveries and drop offs are not permitted. Students are not permitted to have guests for breakfast or lunch. Visit our School Nutrition page for more information and menus.

    Identification Badges
    All visitors are required to go to the office when entering the school. A driver’s license or valid ID is required to be shown on your first visit to the school.  All visitors will be issued a visitor tag that must be visible and worn during the entire visit. Before exiting the building, the visitor must sign out in the office using the badge that was issued. It is important that our office staff knows who is in the building at all times. This helps to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

    Medication Administration
    We attempt to discourage administration of medication during school hours and request, whenever possible, medication doses be scheduled other than school hours.  We recognize that this is not always possible and will cooperate in the administration of medication that must be given during school hours. Please visit our Health Services page for more information.

    School Entrance
    All doors to our school are locked in order to ensure security of the building. Anyone wishing to enter the building must do so through the Handley Circle Entrance. Using the intercom system, a school employee will unlock the doors once the identity and purpose of each visitor has been established.

    Special Deliveries
    Flowers, balloons, food, and other gifts may cause a distraction and/or disruption to the learning environment and are not permitted. If dropped off or brought to school by a student, these items will be held in the Main Office until the end of the school day, which then may be picked up by the student as they exit the building.

    Standards of Learning
    All Standards of Learning can be found on the Virginia Department of Education website www.doe.virginia.gov. If you do not have access to this website, you are welcome to contact the office.

    Student Parking
    Students with a valid driver's license and insurance may drive to school once they register as a student driver through our Student Parking Form. Please visit our Student Parking page to view the form and for more information.


    *Due to COVID-19, some policies may have changed. Please contact the school for more information.*