Digital Learning Initiative

  • Digital Learning Initiative

    Digital learning is any instructional practice that uses technology effectively in order to strengthen students’ learning experiences. Through our Digital Learning Initiative, students are given opportunities for learning anytime and anywhere, access to challenging content, and individualized instruction that will prepare them for college and 21st-century careers. This Digital Learning Initiative exemplifies the goals or both our Technology Plan and the Winchester Public Schools mission, “Learning for All”.

Personalized Instruction

  • Blended Learning The availability of rich, interactive, adaptive digital content enables teachers to personalize instruction based on student needs and engages students in self-directed and relevant learning. Through a combination of technology and face-to-face teaching, called blended learning, teachers can provide one-to-one or group instruction. 

    In an environment when students have mobile computing devices, teachers are more apt to provide small group and individualized differentiated instruction rather than lecturing to an entire class. When every student has a device, students have additional opportunities deeper learning and critical thinking skills. Mobile devices allow students more choice in directing their learning, help them create products that demonstrate their knowledge and provide easy access to up-to-date information; all of this leads to increased student engagement and academic achievement.

The Teacher's Role - A Critical Component

  • Teacher as a facilitator At Winchester Public Schools, teachers are a critical factor in education. While computers provide a number of benefits and opportunities for students that would not be possible without digital devices, the knowledge and caring guidance of teachers in our strong digital curriculum is what ultimately helps students achieve and succeed.

    The role of the educator is evolving.  Teachers are a kep component in providing opportunities for students to learn key concepts and discover the tools that they need for learning so that they can grow into life long learners.  In the 21st Century teachers are now the facilitators for learning - they engage, lead, inspire, and encourage the students in their classrooms.  

    It is now more imperative than ever that we teach our children to be responsible digital citizens and our teachers are on the front lines of that education process everyday.  School is the perfect time to learn how to safely and securely surf the Internet, decipher fact from fiction in a world of digital content, act responsibly on social networking sites, and efficiently manage a life full of digital interactions.