AI Prompt Engineering

  • Prompt engineering is the process of structuring text that can be interpreted and understood by a generative AI model. prompt is natural language text describing the task that an AI should perform.

    A prompt for a text-to-text language model can be a simple query such as "what is 144 divided by 12?", a command such as "write a poem about a flower garden in the spring", or a longer statement including context, instructions, and conversation history. Prompt engineering may involve phrasing a query, specifying a style, providing relevant context or assigning a role to the AI such as "Act as a native Spanish speaker". A prompt may even include providing a few examples for a model to learn from.


Tips for Creating an Effective AI Prompt

    • Be specific and clear
      • Provide as much detail as possible in your prompt.
      • Ask for a specific length.

    • Explain the Context/Audience
      • Purpose
      • Setting
      • Age level
      • Skill level
      • Personal interests
    • Start with an action word
      • Example: Create a lesson plan 

    • Use Conversational Language
      • Write your prompt as if you were writing or speaking to another person.
      • Use correct grammar and sentence structure.

    • Provide the tone and style
      • Example: "Use a professional tone"

    • Assign a role
      • Example: "Assume the role of a high school science teacher"

Example Prompts

  •  A prompt can be as simple/basic as: Create a lesson plan about Jamestown, Virginia.


    A prompt can be as specific and guided as:
    Pretend you are a fourth grade teacher.  Create an interactive lesson plan that is 30-45 minutes in length, utilizes technology, and connects the hardships of the Jamestown, Virginia settlement to modern-day hardships.  Design the lesson to engage fourth grade students who are reading above grade level and are interested in Minecraft and Fortnite.