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    Building a Solid Foundation PK-6

    Winchester Public Schools is extremely proud of its four elementary schools, which serve grades Pre-K-4 students, and one intermediate school, which serves grades 5-6 students. These schools provide a wide variety of experiences and opportunities to prepare students for middle school, high school-- and beyond.

    Our Pre-K to grade 6 programs are designed to build a solid academic foundation while developing each student’s unique interests and strengths. With extraordinary fine arts, innovative STEM technologies, computing devices for every student, and more, we are equipped to provide a 21st Century education. Each elementary school has a dynamic school theme including:

    Frederick Douglass Douglass Elementary School
    Growing Global Leaders in Language and Literacy

    Garland Quarles Elementary School
    A Thriving Literacy Community in a STEM School

    John Kerr Elementary School
    Destination Greatness: Full STEAM Ahead!

    Virginia Avenue Charlotte DeHart
    Global Leadership: Local leaders today! Global leaders tomorrow!

    Daniel Morgan Intermediate School
    Where there is a strong focus on the inter-connectedness of global learning and STEM education with the four core subjects of English, mathematics, science and history. Additionally, students are provided exceptional opportunities in the fine arts, education, technology and world cultures.

    Our Teachers

    Our teachers are trained to address the multiple learning styles of young, active minds and to foster complex, creative thinking. The Pre-K to grade 6 years are a time of growth and exploration. Winchester Public schools provide programs and activities that incorporate the 5 C’s of relevant, project-based learning—Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, and Citizenship–into all subject areas so that students are actively engaged in learning and applying information.

Secondary Education 7-12

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    Reaching Full Potential

    The Winchester Public Schools’ Secondary Instruction supports the secondary programs in Grades 7-8 at Daniel Morgan Middle School, and 9-12 at John Handley High School.  The secondary instructional team leads the secondary schools in the development of innovative curriculum and instructional programs. The office uses current research-based best practices to guide instruction that is customized for students providing equal opportunity so that all students can reach their full potential and be successful, productive citizens in the 21st century.  

    Instruction at the secondary level includes instruction in the areas of advanced academics, mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, online learning, fine arts, health and physical education, world languages, and Career and Technical Education programs. Key initiatives of the secondary office include the implementation of blended learning and project-based learning.


Contact Information

  • Jake Boula, Executive Director PK-12 Instruction
    Jake Boula

    Executive Director of PK-12 Instruction

    Kristin Nicholson
    Kristin Nicholson
    Supervisor of Elementary Mathematics and Science 

    Jamie Woodall
    Jamie Woodall

    Supervisor of Elementary English, Language Arts, and Social Studies 

    Connie Banton
    Connie Banton

    Supervisor of Secondary English and History

    Supervisor of Secondary Mathematics and Science

    Felicia Andre
    Administrative Assistant

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    Making Sure Every Public School Student Is Ready To Thrive After Graduation