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    The Winchester Public Schools K-12 Gifted (EXCEL) program emphasizes EXcellence, Creativity, Enrichment, and Leadership. Appropriate learning pathways are provided to gifted students through a continuum of services and options. Learning opportunities are designed to be open-ended so that they may be tailored to the talents and interests of students. The goal is to engage students in comprehensive study for which the rate of learning, content, and high level processing skills are adjusted to provide an individualized program commensurate with the needs of each intellectually gifted student.

    Teachers are trained to look for gifted characteristics in all students, but students may also be referred to the EXCEL program by parents, community members, professional school staff, student self nomination, or peer nomination. All 2nd grade students are assessed using a universal screener during the month of January.

Gifted Identification

  • WPS invites referrals for gifted identification twice a year, once during the fall and once during the spring.

    FALL: Grades 3-12 - Referrals submitted October 7-16, 2020
    SPRING: Grades 2-12 - Referrals submitted March 1-10, 2021

    Download the Gifted Referral Form or contact your child's teacher.

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Information and Forms

Contact Information

  • Jake Boula, Director of Elementary & Intermediate Instruction
    Jake Boula
    Director of Elementary & Intermediate Instruction

    Michele Herrmann, Elementary Gifted Instructional Specialist
    Michele Dempsey Herrmann
    K-12 Instructional Specialist
       for Gifted Education

    Felicia Andre
    Administrative Assistant

    For additional information, contact your child's school principal or the Department of Instruction.