Personalized Learning Resources


    The Clayton Christensen Institute
    The Clayton Christensen Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank dedicated to improving the world through disruptive innovation. Founded on the theories of Harvard professor Clayton Christensen, the Institute offers a unique framework for understanding many of society’s most pressing issues around education, healthcare, and economic prosperity.

    iNACOL is a nonprofit organization with the mission to catalyze the transformation of K-12 education policy and practice to advance powerful, personalized, learner-centered experiences through competency-based, blended and online learning.

    The Institute of Personalized Learning
    We have developed a model and process to effect this change, and through a unique action network approach are able to take advantage of multiple sites, simultaneously test a variety of strategies and share learning and research to accelerate the effort.

    By delivering innovative education approaches and advancing aligned policies, KnowledgeWorks activates and develops the capacity of communities and educators to imagine, build and sustain vibrant learning ecosystems that allow each student to thrive.

    The Rodel Teacher Foundation
    The Rodel Teacher Council is a group of teacher-leaders from across the state of Delaware. By meeting with national leaders, visiting exemplary schools in the US, and piloting personalized learning in their own classrooms, the council hopes to scale personalized learning across the state.

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