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    The Winchester Public Schools Technology Department is responsible for two overarching areas of responsibility - Instructional Technology and Network Infrastructure and Support.  We manage and support an enterprise-class wide-area voice and data wired and wireless network to support teaching and learning for all schools in the division and all administrative functions. 

    We believe that the effective use of existing and emerging technologies is essential to create a learning community that empowers students and staff members to access, analyze, apply, and communicate information effectively so they are successful in teaching and learning, managing resources, and effectively functioning in our constantly evolving society. Technology should be seamlessly and appropriately integrated into classrooms and offices and supported by a strong in-service and technical support program.  Simply put, we are here to support the mission and vision of the school board as outlined in the goals and strategies defined in the strategic plan.

Contact Information

  • Aaron McBride, Director of Technology
    Aaron McBride

    Director of Technology

    Bill Clements
    Supervising Network Engineer

    Scott Hicks
    Network Engineer

    Robert Cahill
    Network Engineer

    Charlie Woodward
    Network Support Specialist

    Gerry Golladay
    Network Support Specialist

    Christine Linaburg
    Technology Support Specialist



  • Communication Communication
    We’re always working to improve communication to all stakeholders by providing timely and relevant information across multiple platforms like social media, websites, mobile app, email, and our notification system. We also manage and support the voice network of all mobile and IP-based phones in the division.

    PD, Training, Support & Customer Service Professional Development, Training, Support & Customer Service
    We promote and support the integration of technology in classrooms with onsite support and training by our Instructional Technology Resource Teachers and their partnership and collaboration with Instructional Specialists and Coaches.  We provide an uncompromised level of customer service and support by our school-based Technicians and our division-wide Engineers and Specialists.

    Resource Availability Resource Availability
    We provide all stakeholders with efficient and reliable access to data and many services and applications through a complex suite of ever-changing onsite and cloud-based programs and platforms. 

  • Digital Tools & Computing Devices Digital Tools & Computing
    The Digital Learning 1:1 Initiative provides mobile devices to all Instructional staff and students in grades 6-12.  We manage and support over 5000 computing devices and provide an assortment of vetted digital tools and resources to assist with personalized learning models through an assortment of tech rich and blended environments.

    Data Security & Privacy Data Security & Privacy
    To ensure our network data and student information is private and protected we maintain enterprise-class security hardware and software, and maintain and support applicable security policies and procedures. We continuously monitor internet and network traffic through web content filtering and next generation firewalls.

    Connectivity Connectivity
    We’ve expanded our Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide over 400 wireless access points district-wide. We manage and support a enterprise-class wide-area network connecting all division locations over fiber-optic.  Our Internet bandwidth capacity will continue to improve, to support the growing suite of online tools and resources and mobile devices used daily for teaching and learning.