Digital Citizenship: A Shared Responsibility

  • With the fast-paced growth of technology use in all facets of our lives at home and at school, particularly with the rise of 1:1 initiatives at school and the increased use of online software and digital tools and resources, there is a need to talk about responsible use of technology. Ensuring that students learn to use technology safely, responsibly and ethically is a shared responsibility. WPS is dedicated to Digital Citizenship Education by promoting shared responsibility among school staff, parents, and students. Each stakeholder plays a vital role in helping our students learn to develop healthy habits and self-monitoring skills around the use of technology. By taking a proactive approach, parents and educators can work with children to help them avoid some of the common dangers associated with Internet and technology misuse.

    WPS has selected the Common Sense Education platform as our district-wide resource for training and educating students, staff, and families on the elements of digital citizenship.  The Common Sense platform aims to give all stakeholders a vast amount of age appropriate and readily accessible tools and resources to empower the next generation of digital citizens. To learn more about our vision and district goals for digital citizenship please view the Common Sense Education page.

Digital citizenship resources for families
For Families


Parents are a key piece of the partnership puzzle. They are needed to help school districts embrace the use of technology. As such, they need to see the importance of the why and how it can be used. They also serve as role models, so knowledge of how to use these tools safely and responsibly are key.

Learning together and having access to connect anytime, anywhere can do wonders to strengthen home-school relations, along with aiding parent-child relations. For these reasons, parents need to be engaged in these learning opportunities.

Digital citizenship resources for students
For Students


To become empowered digital citizens, students must be aware of and examine the impact of their online activity. Living in an ever increasing digital society, it's important to know that access to technology comes with responsibility and being equipped with the knowledge to be safe online.

At WPS, we work daily with students on learning and recognizing the importance of being a responsible user of technology and how critical it is for all students to be good digital citizens, both now and in the future.

Digital citizenship resources for teachers
For Teachers


Digital Citizenship is not something that simply happens; it must be actively taught. Teaching good digital citizenship to students helps them connect their everyday actions with their choices in a digital society.

Our goal at WPS is to make teaching digital citizenship the first step in the technology integration process. Our teachers aim to integrate age-appropriate lessons for proper use of technology and good digital citizenship skills into many facets of our curriculum in all grade levels.