Securly Parent Portal

  • Securly logo Parental involvement can significantly improve a child's academic achievement. Having discussions on topics of digital identity and appropriate usage of web-based resources will help your child model good digital citizenship and stay focused on their work.

    Winchester Public Schools is committed to partnering with parents to keep students safe online on their 1:1 school-issued devices. Securly's Parent Portal increases parental involvement by providing information that can be used to start conversations about what your child is learning in school, online safety and peer pressure, as well as the difference between acceptable research activities and unacceptable cyber activity. 

Providing Parental Insight

  • Through the portal, parents can view their child's online activities, such as:

    • Sites browsed
    • Social media usage and activity
    • Things searched
    • Suspicious and alarming activity flagged
    • Time-sinks used

Ensuring Student Safety Online

  • Through web filters and cyberbullying/self-harm detection across social media, Securly enables us to maintain a safer 1:1 environment for your student . Whenever bullying or emotional distress is detected, administrators and parents are alerted, allowing for a quick and suitable solution.

    We can further increase protection for our students by educating them about appropriate online behavior when interacting with other individuals on social networking websites, chat rooms, and other forms of electronic communications. By raising awareness and response, we can help our children model positive, respectful digital behavior.