•  BrightArrow logo: black lettering on white background Our partnership with BrightArrow enables school and district administration to efficiently communicate with our families via an automated notification system. The primary use of the BrightArrow notification system is to notify families of school happenings, delayed openings, early dismissals, school closings, and emergencies,etc. This will enable the district to disseminate information to each of our families in the most efficient manner possible through a variety of methods - including phone calls, email, and text messages. The system will also provide automated translation of important information to our families whose primary language is something other than English. The BrightArrow solution provides the necessary integration with our Powerschool Student Information System to allow for greater functionality for our schools.

    During the student registration process, parents/guardians are asked to provide a primary/home phone number as the main point of contact for their child.  Parents/guardians are also asked to provide their email address, mobile, home and work phone numbers.  The parent/guardian contact information is stored in our PowerSchool Student Information System and used by the BrightArrow Instant Alert System. Throughout the year, parents/guardians can update their contact and/or instant alert preferences as needed within the Powerschool Parent Portal. During the new student registration process, as well as during the annual verification process for returning students, parents/guardians will be asked to confirm their preferred language for receiving notifications. When completing these forms, be sure to select the language that you wish for the BrightArrow system to use when translating your notifications.

Stay Connected!

  • Our BrightArrow notification system enables you to stay in touch in the event of emergencies, delays/cancelations, and other important events throughout the school year. In order for you to be able to receive these notifications, it is vital that you keep your contact information accurate and up to date with your child’s school.

    You can confirm and/or request to update your contact information by signing into your PowerSchool parent portal. We encourage you to take a minute to make sure your contact information is up-to-date so you don't miss out on important notifications. You may also contact your child's school and request to speak to the Registrar who will be able to confirm and/or update your contact information.

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