About our School Board

  • 2023 School Board

    The members of the Winchester Public Schools board represent a wide range of professions, interests, and ages. School Board members make decisions based on the advice and counsel of education professionals, but they keep in mind the desires of the public they serve.

    The functions of the School Board are policy-forming and legislative, while those of the Superintendent are administrative and executive. The School Board directs the expenditure of a $63 million budget,oversees a 800+ member school staff which includes teachers, staff professionals, and support personnel, and carries out the responsibilities connected with the ownership and maintenance of school buildings and sites worth over $200 million. The School Board works within the broader framework of state and federal law, and each member of the board is accountable to the citizens of Winchester.

    The overall supervision of the Winchester Public Schools is a cooperative effort in which the School Board, Superintendent, and staff members work together for the best interests of our students and the public.




Resolving Problems

  • Board members are often involved in conflict resolution; however, it is agreed by educators and School Board members that it is usually in the best interests of students to solve problems through contact with their teacher or principal and for employees to refer concerns to their principal or immediate supervisor.

    If a problem cannot be resolved through contact with a teacher, principal, or immediate supervisor, the next step is to contact the Superintendent or the Superintendent's designated representative. If these efforts fail, contact with the School Board members is encouraged.