• Mission Vision Beliefs graphic


  • We ensure students have the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to embrace rigorous challenges, navigate personalized pathways, and enrich their civic communities.


  • We aspire to be an inclusive community that empowers all students to thrive.


  • Every student has the right to an excellent education in a safe, experiential and imaginative learning environment.

    Every student deserves equitable opportunities to learn, grow, lead and serve.

    An intentional focus on future ready skills and dispositions, integrated with essential academic knowledge, develops an empowered 21st century graduate.

    Mental, emotional, and physical health are essential conditions for optimal learning.

    Collective efficacy and shared accountability are vital ingredients to a productive, empowered workforce.

    Winchester Public Schools must be learner-centered, agile and courageous in modeling the power of public education across our Commonwealth, country and world.

    A vibrant public education system positively impacts the social, economic and civic well-being of Winchester.

    Embracing the diversity of our students, their families and our community is a strength that unifies us.

    To achieve equity, we must clearly define and monitor the extent to which all learners and groups are empowered through access, diversity and inclusion.