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    The Operational Department consists of over 150 employees that oversee the daily operations of 7 Schools and 2 Administrative Buildings. This encompasses over 1 million square feet of facilities within the City of Winchester, and we strive to provide high quality customer service to students, employees, and residents of the City.  WPS Operations consists of four departments, which include the Facilities Department, Custodial Department, Food Services Department, and Transportation Department.  In addition to the four departments, the Operational Division also handles all IFBs and RFPs of the operational goods and services, WPS insurance and risk management, event scheduling for the use of WPS buildings, energy management, integrated pest management, playground purchasing and maintenance, occupational safety and training, and environmental policies and procedures. 

    The Facilities Department provides routine and preventative maintenance, repairs and emergency repairs to all WPS buildings and building systems, including HVAC, plumbing, and electrical.  Facilities also provide carpentry services and repairs, ground and turf maintenance for all of the WPS locations, and handle the coordination and maintenance of over 60 fleet vehicles, used in transporting students and staff.  This department is also responsible for the security systems, including security cameras and employee badge systems.

    The Custodial Department maintains the safety and security of all WPS buildings inside and out.  Our custodial staff provides daily facility care as well as performs light maintenance on custodial equipment, manages door security before and after hours, hosts visiting organizations on weekends, performs seasonal work such as snow removal, and submits work orders for larger projects. The custodial staff always strives for a high standard of cleanliness and sanitary conditions for all of WPS campuses.  

    The Transportation Department operates over 50 buses and vans each day during the regular school year, transporting students to and from school locations. Over 2,200 kids are transported each day. The department has its own training group to assist drivers in maintaining or first time training for their CDL licenses. The department also maintains buses in accordance with DOT regulations, manages accident reporting, coordinates activity buses and/or field trip drivers, and completes annual state reporting.

    The Food Service Department  ensures the smooth and efficient operation of all school cafeterias and is responsible for the production of nutritious, appetizing meals for students and staff, while meeting all governmental and district regulations. The department is required by the federal government to be self-sustaining, meaning all food sales and federal reimbursements have to cover wages and benefits, as well as food costs and equipment repair and replacement, and not lose money. The Food Service Department works to ensure all health and food sanitation requirements are met, maintains a large food inventory, and has over $1 million in expenditures each year.   

    The Operations Department is also responsible for developing and maintaining the Capital Improvement Plan.  This document describes and prioritizes the school district’s capital projects and drives continual assessment, development, and execution of those planned projects. 

    The Operations Department’s annual operating budget exceeds $3 million.  

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  • Ed Smith, Director of Operations
    Ed Smith

    Director of Operations

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    Chris Matthias

    Operations Coordinator

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    Facilities Manager

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