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    Winchester Public School’s mission is to provide specially designed instruction to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability.
    WPS provides a continuum of services for students with disabilities, PreK through high school, found eligible to receive special education services. Identifying a student as eligible for special education services is a carefully managed process guided by State and Federal regulations.

    Individuals with disabilities are valued members of the school community and  entitled to access all opportunities. The Office of Special Education actively promotes the inclusion of all students in the school community to provide access to their same age peers.

    Through collaboration of students, families, community partners and employees, our mission is to prepare our students to lead full and productive lives.

Contact Information

  • Hayley Mullins
    Hayley Mullins

    Director of Special Education 

    Erin Kirkland
    Erin Kirkland
    Special Education Coordinator

    Missy Minnick
    Administrative Assistant