Gaggle Safety Management

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    As part of our digital resource toolkit, WPS has partnered with Gaggle to help provide a safe digital environment for students to learn.  Gaggle's industry leading machine learning technology and trained professionals evaluate content 24/7/365 for potentially harmful content, messages, documents, images and more.  If there is discovery of objectionable content or a potentially harmful situation, Gaggle alerts school officials and can assist in the discovery process.

  • This service provides not only a safety, security and well-being aspect but can also be used to help keep students on track, which ultimately has a positive impact on school climate and student achievement.

    Gaggle plays a vital role in promoting digital citizenship and includes other benefits, including:

    • Gaining insight into student behavior
    • Creating a positive school climate
    • Deciding where to direct digital citizenship
    • Investigating incidents within your schools
    • Ensuring students use learning tools correctly
    • Increasing student achievement

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  • Helping to keep our students safe on school-provided WPS accounts when using G Suite for Education.