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Standards of Learning (SOL)

  • The Standards of Learning (SOL) for Virginia Public Schools describe the commonwealth's expectations for student learning and achievement in grades K-12 in English, mathematics, science, history/social science, technology, the fine arts, foreign language, health and physical education and driver education.

    In the four core areas of English, mathematics, science and history/social science, a curriculum framework also is provided that details the specific knowledge and skills students must possess to meet the standards for these subjects.

  • The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) section 1112(e)(2)(B) requires school divisions to make available, in a clear and accessible manner, information on assessments required at each grade level served. The links below provide this information for required assessments in grades PreK-12 in Winchester Public Schools.  Assessment dates and delivery format for 2020-21 are subject to change due to shifts in school operations

    Grade Level Tests in WPS

    Please keep these general points in mind when reviewing information about test requirements at specific grade levels.

    • Assessments are part of the teaching and learning process. Teachers give assessments to students on an ongoing basis to check for understanding and to gather information about students' knowledge or skills.
    • Students who are being reviewed for or are enrolled in special services may have further testing expectations as part of these services or may be eligible for alternative or substitute assessments.
    • Students in certain schools may be asked to take part in additional assessments as part of federal, state, or local data collection, such as the National Assessment of Educational Progress Assessment (NAEP). 
    • Parents and guardians should contact their children's schools with any testing questions or for additional information about how schools and teachers use test results to support student success.
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  • Kindergarten

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  • * The amount of time needed for testing varies by student. All times are estimates. 

    ** Schedule dates represent the window of time during which tests may be given. Each school sets and communicates the specific date for each test.