• Flexible Learning
    Flexible Learning Pathways

    Develop multiple learning pathways for students, teachers and families that include choice and can respond to changing conditions.

     Flexible Learning Pathways

  • New Instruction for All Students

    Many aspects of learning will be in place whether students are served in-person, online, or a blend of the two. Our Empowered Learning model, will serve as the foundation of student success.  Content will be new and based on the grade/course level of the student. Depending on the course and grade level, the pace of the learning may be adjusted to better meet the needs of our students. Academic progress will continue to be based on the Virginia Standards of Learning. As always, learning experiences will be dynamic, engaging, relevant, and empowering. Students will receive frequent feedback on their work and they will have opportunities to reflect on their learning. Assessments and grading will be a means to communicate student progress.

    Regardless of the instructional model (hybrid, in-person, or distance learning), students will be required to complete daily learning experiences according to the schedule set by their teacher(s). Learning experiences will include teacher-led learning, during which teachers deliver instruction in a “live” (virtual or in-person, depending on the model) setting and all students practice and apply content together. Other learning experiences will provide content in which students work on their own within the time constraints set by their teacher. These lessons may involve reading, viewing or listening to content, and responding individually.  WPS offers a number of online applications to adapt to individual student needs including closing learning gaps as well as providing extension activities.

    Individual Education Plan (IEP) teams for all eligible students will meet as needed to discuss plans for the respective student’s education for the upcoming school year. IEPs will be developed to meet each student's unique needs and individual educational goals. IEP teams will consider both in-person and distance learning.

    English Language Learners will continue to have additional support based on their level of language proficiency.  Teachers will monitor their progress and personalize instruction as needed.

    Gifted students will continue to have additional support and opportunities for extension activities and appropriate clustering as outlined in our gifted instructional plan. 

  • Addressing and Closing Learning Gaps

    The Spring 2020 extended closure of schools may have created learning gaps of the previous years’ content for some students. Analyzing data is essential to determine what those gaps are and making a plan to address them. However, the collection of that data from students must be reasonable. School teams and key central office instructional leaders will work collaboratively to implement effective means of determining the level of student learning and the need for remediation and intervention. The emphasis will be on teaching content and skills to our students. Ongoing, formative assessment, combined with appropriate formal assessments will provide the necessary data to identify learners’ needs. Our adaptive instructional tools for our K-8 students will also address any learning gaps and assist teachers in identifying the instruction and interventions needed to close those gaps. High school students will have access to Instructional Remediation Teachers (IRTs) to address any identified learning gaps.

    Our elementary instructional teams have identified critical standards from the Spring 2020 instructional plan and have worked to include them in our 2020-2021 pacing guides and curriculum documents.  This identification process was done with the assistance of our teachers and specialists.

WPS Connections (100% Distance Learning)

  • Will Kindergarten - fifth grade students be provided a Chromebook or other device?

  • How will the Winchester Public Schools provide internet access to families that do not have internet access?

  • How will electives be handled with the 100% distant learning option?

  • What happens if a student wants to take AP courses, how will they be taught in each setting? What happens if a student is struggling with either module, what are our options?

  • What if we choose in-person learning on July 15th, but change our mind before or after the semester starts? If we change our mind and choose 100% distance learning are we then held to that option for the remainder of the semester?

  • What happens if we choose 100% distance learning and find out it is not conducive to our child’s learning abilities?

  • Will my child be able to reach out to their school counselor?

WPS Connections (100% Distance Learning) - Elementary and Intermediate

  • How does my child sign into their Chromebook?

  • What is Classlink?

  • What is Canvas?

  • Will my child need to log in each day?

  • Will teachers take attendance?

  • What if my child is sick and can’t attend online class or do their assignments?

  • Will my child interact with their teacher each day?

  • What happens if I do not have the internet?

  • Will my child receive any materials?

  • What do we do if we are having technical difficulties?

  • What do we do if we would like to change to the in-person hybrid model?

  • How much work will my child do each day?

WPS 50/40 Hybrid Model (50% capacity, 40% in-person)

  • Can remote learning students still participate in sports?

  • If I select 100% Distance Learning will my child(ren) have a Winchester Public Schools teacher to offer support?

  • How will students be assigned to Group 1 and Group 2?

  • Will all students at each school arrive at the same time?

  • Will all students at each school leave at the same time?

  • How many classes will they be taking on each of the two days they are there?

  • What do the other 3 days look like?

  • Will they have the same teacher for the classes that are taught 2 days a week as well as the online portion they will receive the other three days?

  • How will electives be handled with the hybrid module?

  • How will the students be held accountable for work and assignments?

  • How will they gain extra assistance if they do not understand what has been taught?

  • Will there be support for the social and emotional health of my child?

  • Will students have connections with their teachers and classmates?