Distance Learning Instruction

  • When considering activities to be completed by students at home, scrutinize the activities to determine the appropriateness of completing the activity outside of the traditional classroom. Activities should be safe, aligned to competencies, and support student learning.  Recognize that whether an activity is completed at school or at home, the role of the teacher is to facilitate students to use the activity as a springboard for developing technical skill ability.

    Safety considerations are paramount. Plan for anything that could go wrong, especially considering that the students might not have adult support and supervision. Document safety considerations in student materials, parent guidance, and teacher lesson plans.

    Beakers and chemicals Be cautious when handling tools, equipment, and chemicals. Consider the hazards and safety precautions for sharp objects, heated objects, and breakable items. Students may have allergies and sensitivities. Use personal protective equipment appropriately.

    Safety considerations need to take into account younger children that may be present in a home. If a material could be dangerous to a younger child, please provide safety guidance to the responsible adult or consider an alternative learning activity.

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is to be provided by the school or parent prior to the completion of any skill or activity with safety considerations. Eye protection, such as goggles or protective glasses, should be worn with any activity or experiment that includes the use of chemicals (including common household chemicals), tools, sharp objects, and projectile objects.  If proper PPE is not available, the activity should not be conducted outside of the classroom setting.

    Examine any videos you assign to students for safety practices. Do they use proper eye protection? Do they give the students ideas for dangerous activities that students might try? The statement of “Don’t try this at home” is not adequate protection from injury and liability.