• Equity Focused

    Equity Focused 

    Design structures and strategies for equitable outcomes, specifically addressing the needs of students with disabilities, English Language Learners and economically disadvantaged students.

Access and Equity

  • Will my child remain on the AP/Gifted/Honors path when we return from distance to inperson instruction?

  • There is a concern for students with limited or no access to internet. Will the school division provide hotspots or provide low-cost internet service options?

  • What about services for students on an IEP, 504 Plan, and/or receiving ELL services?

Special Education

  • Is 100% Distance Learning appropriate for my child who has an IEP?

  • My child has a current IEP. Will the IEP need to be amended prior to starting school?

  • If I prefer that my child participate in 100% Distance Learning, will they continue to receive related services?

  • Will my child receive special transportation if we choose in- person learning?

English Learners

  • My child receives language services through the ESOL program in Winchester Public Schools. Should I choose Option 1 or 2 for them to continue receiving these services?

  • I am having difficulty understanding a lot of these choices and would like someone to discuss all of this with. Is someone available to speak with me about this in my home language?

  • Will the division send communication in other languages?