Planning Suggestions

  • Activity Evaluation

    Instructor and students Evaluate planned student activities and interactions for safety, but also their value for engaging students in meaningful skills training. Consider alternatives that teach the same concepts and skills. Build in extra time for sanitizing activities.

    Consider Outdoor Spaces

    Educators should consider the use of outdoor spaces for instruction. In addition to the CTE learning advantages of working with real-world environments, there are health and psychological benefits of outdoor environments. There may also be more opportunities for physical distancing of students. Educators should consider the use of school grounds and nearby public spaces.

    Consider Skills Practice Alternatives

    Consider alternative methods for skills practice. A teacher could perform the physical aspects of the skill as a demonstration or as a video recording, which would then be used by students for analysis and explanations. The use of cameras and large-scale projectors can enhance this practice. Pre-recorded videos and computer simulations are also alternative methods for investigations.

    When we return to school on September 8th, the Universal Practice for Career & Technical Education teachers will follow the VDOE recommendations above. Any change to the Universal Practices for Electives will be approved and communicated through the CAO CTE contact to be evaluated by the Safety Team.