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Degrees and Certifications:

ACADEMIC CAREER Universidad Externado de Colombia Master in Evaluation | August 2015 - October 2018 Master's Degree in Evaluation and Assurance of Educational Quality. Universidad Pedagogica Nacional de Colombia Bachelor of Humanities | January 2001 - November 2005 Bachelor of Humanities with an Emphasis in English.

Mr. Reinoso

With a creative, upbeat, and inventive attitude, I have more than 12 years of experience in the conception, design, and implementation of pedagogical processes in several areas of education and a degree in both Spanish and English. The execution of social impact plans in vulnerable communities, the development and implementation of programs to increase English proficiency in various institutions, and the improvement of research procedures in the areas of school climate, skills, and social-emotional learning are just a few of the programs I've developed in the course of my work. I have a good sense of organization and planning, which is essential to the job of a professional teacher. With the United Kingdom, Colombia, and Spain, I have participated in cultural exchanges and English language training. I participated in research projects on School Climate. I participated in research groups with indigenous communities. I participated as a professor during the undergraduate course in the UPN from my home country.