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    Guiding Principles

    The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has made planning for the 2020-21 school year very difficult for schools and families alike. Preparing for a new school year under normal circumstances is a tough job and involves a lot of hard work and planning. This year, as we continue to navigate uncertain conditions, that task becomes much more difficult. WPS conducted a survey of parents, employees, and students to gather feedback on the reopening of schools. Using that information and working with principals, teachers, instructional leaders, parents, and community members, we have made a collaborated effort to define what education will look like in Winchester Public Schools as we move into the 2020-21 school year. 
    WPS plans for returning to school for the 2020-21 school year include two options: a hybrid model including in-person and distance learning, and 100% distance learning. These options are listed below.

Option 1: WPS Hybrid 50/40 Model

  • The WPS Hybrid 50/40 Model is a twice-a-week model. This is called the 50/40 model because we will teach 50% of our students in-person 40% of the time.

    Below are some specifications. Ultimately, this model gives us the best opportunity to design quality distance learning experiences for our students.
    • Students will be assigned to Group 1 or Group 2 based on their last name, and families will be kept in the same group.
    • Group 1 (A - K) would attend a full day on Monday and Thursday and Group 2 (L - Z) would attend a full day on Tuesday and Friday.
      • The day would function like a normal school day with class change(s) and planning periods.
      • Principals would work with staff to develop protocols for recess, lunch, etc. that are in keeping with CDC and VDH guidelines.
    • PreK-1st grade students will be in-person four days a week (Monday/Tuesday, Thursday/Friday) for the 2nd Quarter.
    • Wednesday will be additional time for teachers to design asynchronous learning for the days students are not in school and also time to use Google Meet for synchronous learning with the entire class. Wednesday might also be used for Professional Learning Communities to meet and develop common learning experiences for students.
    • Comparing 2 approaches to remote learning - Synchronous vs. Asynchronous
      • Synchronous: Students engage in course activities at a specific date/time, requiring that everyone be online for a scheduled event.
      • Asynchronous: Students engage in course activities at any time, contributing at their own pace.
    • Wednesday will also be a time for enhanced cleaning of the building.

    To access learning applications, including Canvas, students should first use Classlink to log-in

    All students will use Canvas as an online learning management system and should log-in daily for assignments.  

Option 2: WPS Connections (100% Distance Learning Model)

  • WPS  Connections logo   is a 100% Distance Learning Model and will include the following:

    • Dedicated instruction from WPS teachers
    • Synchronous learning through Google Meet (live, virtual instruction and check-ins)
    • Student accountability through grading and feedback
    • Limited course offerings at middle and high school based on student schedules

    Registration for WPS Connections is still open. Parents/guardians should call their child's school to register.

    To access learning applications, including Canvas, students should first use Classlink to log-in

    All students will use Canvas as an online learning management system and should log-in daily for assignments.