Positive Behavior Interventions and Support

  • PBIS icon All Winchester Public Schools fully embrace the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) system. This is an evidence-based approach for creating a common vision of behavioral expectations through consistent language and practices among staff and students. The system allows the school to develop supports to address the needs of ALL the members of the school community.

Due Process for Students

  • The following shall constitute the minimum due process procedures to be followed in the discipline of a student:

    1. The student shall be apprised of the nature and facts of the alleged misconduct.
    2. The student shall be given an opportunity to explain the circumstances of the alleged misconduct.
    3. The student shall be informed of the conditions of the disciplinary action.
    4. A parent/guardian may appeal a suspension decision to the Principal within 24 hours after suspension/restriction notification by calling and scheduling a meeting or sending a written request for an appeal. The Principal’s decision may be appealed to Jennifer Buckley, Student Conduct Coordinator, within two (2) working days by scheduling a meeting or sending a written request for an appeal.
    5. A parent or guardian or a student who has been recommended for a long-term suspension/ expulsion has the right to a hearing before the Student Conduct Coordinator/Hearing Officer. Such hearing shall be held within a reasonable period of time. The hearing may include the student, parents and school officials. The hearing will determine the facts in the case and whether further action by the Discipline Committee of the School Board is warranted. Parents may appeal the results of the hearing to the Superintendent. The regulations shall provide for subsequent confirmation or disapproval of the proposed disciplinary action by the School Board regardless of whether or not the pupil has exercised the right to a hearing.

    The chart below provides a graphic representation of this process.

  • Roadsigns of support

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