Behavior Discipline Matrices for Students

  • PARENTS/GUARDIANS:  Please review the following Discipline Matrices and related information with your student.  We will also be working with your student and reviewing this information.  We are committed to having clear expectations for all of our students, so your help with this is greatly appreciated.

    The matrix is divided into five categories:

    • Level 1: Classroom Managed Student Behaviors
    • Level 2: Classroom Managed Student Behaviors (office help if needed)
    • Level 3: Classroom and/or Administrative Managed Student Behaviors
    • Level 4: Administrative Managed Student Behaviors
    • Level 5: Administrative Managed Student Behaviors

    Below each level is a list of possible responses to the behaviors that teachers or administrators might use to help change the behavior of a student. All behavioral situations are unique and may require alternative responses. 

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    Thank you for your help as we work together to provide your child with the best educational experience.

    If you have any questions, please contact the school office.

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