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    The school social work team supports the academic, social and emotional needs of our students, enabling them to walk into school ready to learn.  Our efforts are focused on coordination between schools, families and community partners so ALL students can achieve academic and social success.

    The school social work team fulfills many roles throughout the school system.

    Our Mission

    Every student will be socially responsible exhibiting trust, respect, and integrity to create physically and emotionally safe environments.

Contact Information

  • Special Education

    Special Education

    The school social worker team conduct the Psycho-Social assessments as part of the special education evaluation process.  These in-depth interviews with parents/guardians, typically in the home, provide an opportunity to engage the family in a complicated process and give them a voice, as they are the true experts on their kids.

  • Student Assistance

    Student Assistance

    The school social work team coordinate and/or attend regular multidisciplinary team meetings at each school to problem-solve action steps that address behavior, health and attendance issues that impact academic progress.

  • Substance Abuse

    Substance Abuse

    Identify strategies to promote a safe and supportive school environment, including the prevention/intervention of substance abuse and bullying and the promotion of a positive school climate and family engagement. School social workers are available to families concerned with possible drug use by their children.

  • Community Partnerships

    Community Partnerships

    The school social work team develops ongoing relationships with Social Services, Juvenile Justice and Probation, Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, Northwestern Community Services Board and surrounding school systems and non-profit organizations. These partnerships work to provide better services for our families with the goal of keeping our children in the community and engaged in school.