Housing Transition Information

  • What Can You Do Before Moving?

    Tell your child's teacher and principal that you're moving and give them the new address.

    Let school officials know if you want your child to stay in his/her school of origin while you are getting the family stabilized.

    Ask for a copy of your child's school records, including immunizations.

    Keep a copy of birth certificates and school records accessible.

Frederick Douglass Elementary School (540) 662-7656
Garland Quarles Elementary School (540) 662-3575
John Kerr Elementary School (540) 662-3945
Virginia Avenue Charlotte DeHart Elementary School (540) 665-6330
Daniel Morgan Intermediate School (540) 667-7171
Daniel Morgan Middle School (540) 667-7171
John Handley High School (540) 662-3471
Central Administrative Office (540) 667-4253