Bullying Prevention

  • Bullying Prevention icon Bullying is a problem in many spheres of our culture: it exists in the work place, it exists in intimate relationships, and it exists in families and communities. Bullying exists in public schools but public schools are in a unique position to educate children and adolescents about its presence, danger, and negative consequences. Schools can also teach behaviors that will protect students from the harmful effects of bullying.

    Bullying has been linked to negative outcomes for students who are its victims, for bystanders, and for students who are bullies themselves. Bullying negatively affects school climate. Bullying also has negative impacts on learning, health, behavior and school outcomes. For these reasons, Winchester Public Schools are committed to providing a safe and civil environment for all students, employees, parents or guardians, volunteers, and visitors.

    Bullying Prevention Strategies and Programs
    Information from VDOE on bullying prevention.