Paid Leave Programs

Personal Leave - 10 Month Employees

10-Month employees who work four or more hours per day in a given job are eligible for personal leave.  Unused personal leave is transferred to accumulated sick leave at the end of each fiscal year. Licensed employees receive 3 days per school year, and support employees receive 2 days per school year. See Policy GCBD-4 for more information.

Annual Leave - 12 Month Employees

12-month full-time employees are eligible for annual leave.  Length of service is rewarded with higher annual leave earnings and carry-over accumulations based on the fiscal year cycle (July 1 through June 30). See Policy GCDB-6 for more information.

Paid Holidays - 12 Month Employees

The school division observes selected holidays designated annually by the School Board upon approval of the school calendar.  The school division will be closed on these days and 12-month full-time employees will have these as paid holidays. See Policy GCBD-10 for more information.

Sick Leave – 10 and 12 Month Employees

10-month and 12-month employees are granted sick leave days at the beginning of each school year. Ten-month employees receive 10 days per school year. Twelve-month employees receive 12 days per school year. For partial years of employment, this allocation is prorated.

New employees may transfer sick leave accumulated in another school division in Virginia or in an agency of the state government. Sick leave may be used for personal illness, illness in the immediate family, or bereavement leave for death in the immediate family.

See Policy GCBD-2 for more information.

Sick Leave Bank Program

If you participate in Virginia Retirement System Plan 1 or Plan 2 (with the exception of Bus Drivers, Bus Aides, Cafeteria Workers, and part-time Custodians), you are eligible to participate in the WPS Sick Leave Bank program.  The sick leave bank program provides continued pay for up to 90 days for eligible employees who have a prolonged, catastrophic, or long-term personal illness or injury and have exhausted their own paid leave allocations. 

See Policy GCBD-2 for more information and details regarding eligibility for the program.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance

If you participate in the Virginia Retirement System Hybrid Retirement Plan you have short-term and long-term disability coverage through the VACORP/Standard Hybrid Disability program in lieu of the Sick Leave Bank Program. The cost of this benefit program is funded by Winchester Public Schools.

Short and long-term disability insurance helps to provide financial protection for covered members by promising to pay a weekly or monthly benefit in the event of a covered disability.  For detailed plan information, review the VACORP Hybrid Disability Plan Handbook.

Jury or Civil Duty Leave

If you are called for jury duty or subpoenaed to give testimony as a witness on a scheduled work day, you may take a leave of absence for the time required to serve on a jury or as a witness for your required presence at the courthouse. 

Employees shall be paid at their regular per diem rate minus the monies received for their services as a juror.  Verification of the call to jury duty or subpoena and the pay received shall be required prior to employees receiving payment from the school division for their absence. For more information for jury duty or civil duty leave, visit the links below: