• purchasing icon Within the Winchester Public Schools system, a combination of decentralized and centralized features in purchasing are used to facilitate ordering while including enough Central Office supervision to maintain budget control and to assure the best purchasing value through competitive pricing. Duties for purchasing are shared by budget holders, both at the Central Office and at the school levels, by whom budget requests are submitted and who are given copies of final approved budgets. They include school principals, who purchase supplies and equipment for their schools, and administrators, who purchase for various instructional and operational needs. Payment of bills is handled by the Finance Department at the Central Office. School board policy DJ-R should be reviewed prior to completing purchases to ensure that the necessary requirements are being adhered to.

Bids and Solicitations

  • Bids and solicitations are posted in accordance with Virginia procurement procedures.

    • All contracts exceeding $100,000 in value are submitted to competitive price review through the use of requests for bids or proposals.
    • For purchases of goods between $30,000 and $100,000, the division relies on four quotations taken from different vendors prior to awarding a contract.
    • For purchases between $5,000 and $30,000, three quotes are required.

Schedules & Forms