Extended Absences

If you find that you need to be off work for more than 5 consecutive days due to your own medical needs or the medical needs of a family member, contact  the Benefits Specialist for the information and forms necessary to complete your request for time off from work.

Family and Medical Leave Act

If you have worked for WPS for at least 12 months and you meet the hours worked requirement, you may be eligible for an absence qualified under the Family and Medical Leave Act. See Policy GCBE for details regarding eligibility and benefits.

Leave under this policy is unpaid; however, WPS employees with accrued sick, annual and/or personal leave are required to use paid leave while on Family and Medical Leave.

Disability Benefits

WPS employees who are a member of the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) Hybrid Retirement Plan are automatically enrolled in coverage under the VACORP Hybrid Disability plan offered by The Standard.  The plan provides some income protection if you cannot work due to a covered physical disease, mental disorder, injury or pregnancy and may be used in connection with WPS paid leave programs.  Benefits of the plan include:

  • Short term disability coverage – For a disability that is work-related, you are eligible for coverage on your first day as a member.  For a non-occupational disability, you are eligible for coverage the first day after one year of continuous participation in the plan.
  • Long term disability coverage
  • Transitional rehabilitation plans to help you return to work if you are able
  • Free advocacy services to assist you in apply for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits
  • Additional benefit for severely disabled individuals

Visit the VACORP Hybrid Disability Program website website for specific plan information.  To submit a claim, contact the WPS benefits specialist for assistance.

Leave of Absence without Pay

In certain cases, you may also qualify for a longer unpaid Leave of Absence. See Policy GCBD-3 for information regarding a request for a leave of absence.