• Dual Enrollment/On-Campus Information

    What is Dual Enrollment?

    Dual Enrollment allows high school students to meet the requirements for high school graduation who are simultaneously earning college credits.

  • New & Returning Students:

    -Apply to LRCC if you are already not a registered student.

    -All Students must submit a Records Request for a JHHS Transcript prior to DE Registration. Please drop off in the main office to Ms. DeHaven’s Attn in the Counseling Dept. or email to dehavenb@wps.k12.va.us         Records Request Form: CLICK HERE

    -If you are a RETURNING LRCC STUDENT, you must bring an Unofficial LRCC Transcript with you during registration.

    -Fall & Spring Dual Enrollment requires sign offs from students, parents & counselors. These forms are located within the Career Center with Ms. Vaska Applegate – Career Coach.

    -Fall/Full Year Payment is due in full no later than: September 9th, 2022

    -Spring Payment is due in full no later than: February 5th, 2023

    *** If courses are not paid for by due dates (unless otherwise communicated by email), students will be dropped from their DE courses.

    Please note the following

    *** There are Full Year and Semester Courses offered for the 2022 – 2023 School Year. When taking a combination of these courses together, fees will fluctuate from semester to semester.

    *** Payments can only be paid by check addressed to JHHS or by cash (please bring exact change). All payments will be issued with a receipt by Ms. DeHaven. Please bring all payments to the Counseling Department if not paid at registration.

    *** LRCC Dual Enrollment charges a $27.00 AUX Fee, which is non-refundable through LRCC. This also includes any/all courses that are dropped as well. This fee is charged per semester. For year-long courses, it is charged once with your Fall Course selection.

    *** If you are a MVGS Student please write “MVGS” at the top of your Fall/Spring forms. Please note MVGS students DO NOT pay the $27.00 AUX Fee under their contract guidelines.

    *** If you are an Opportunity Scholar Student, please write “OPS” at the top of your Fall/Spring Forms.

    *** If you require a Payment Plan, this must be communicated to Ms. Forte as a Payment Contract must be Signed& Approved prior to registration.


    Important Points of Contact

    Questions Regarding Payments/Billing

    Ms. DeHaven – Counseling Admin

    Email: dehavenb@wps.k12.va.us

    Phone: 540-662-3471 Ext: 43005


    Questions Regarding your DE Selections/Forms

    Ms. Vaska Applegate – Career Coach

    Email: applegatev@wps.k12.va.us

    Phone: 540-662-3471 Ext: 43012


    Questions regarding DE Enrollment/AP Testing

    Ms. Jennifer Forte – Director of Counseling

    Email: fortej@wps.k12.va.us

    Phone: 540-662-3471 Ext: 43004