How Do I Qualify?

  • Qualifications

    Students should be residents of Winchester City (22601 zip code) and turn 4 by September 30, 2024.
    *Note: Our 3-year-old Pre-K class is pending budget approval for 2024-2025. Stay tuned for further announcements.

    Students can qualify for Preschool under General Eligibility OR Local Eligibility. 

    General Eligibility: Family income at or below 200% of poverty, OR the child has an applicable, identified special need/disability and the family is above the income level, OR family is homeless, OR either parent/guardian is a high school dropout.

    Local Eligibility criteria includes the following:

    1. Family member suffers from abuse, including all forms of trauma and/or adverse childhood experiences, or has mental illness or disability
    2. Single parent home
    3. Foster child or involvement with Child Protective Services (CPS)
    4. Death/Major medical treatment or issues in the family during the child's lifetime
    5. Student is being raised by someone other than a parent.
    6. ELL (English is not the primary language spoken at home)
    7. Parent is deployed (military)
    8. Parent is incarcerated
    9. Child has applicable, documented social/emotional, self-regulation skill deficits
    10. Parental unemployment or significant reduction in employment in the child's lifetime
    11. Teen parent (17 or younger at time of first child's birth)
    12. Significant gaps in care due to closures or other interruptions OR child spent an excessive amount of time in child care due to parent(s) being essential workers
    13. Lives outside of Winchester City, but is employed by the City of Winchester (Must still qualify under at least one other criteria)
    14. No available, affordable childcare options within 10 miles of the child’s home (available is a site with open slots; affordable is a site that accepts Child Care Subsidy)
  • Registration Requirements

    TWO (2) Proofs of Residency: Recent utility bill (gas, electric, water/sewer, home phone); Receipt for personal property taxes or real estate taxes; Current homeowner's or renter's insurance policy; Current deed, mortgage, or rental/lease agreement   

    Income Verification: The following are acceptable forms of income verification:

    • TANF/SSI payment information
    • W-2 forms or pay stubs which indicate gross year-to-date earnings
    • Last year’s tax return (1040)
    • An official letter from your employer stating your monthly earnings
    • Medicaid or SNAP eligibility verification letter
    • and/or Documentation of child support or spousal support.

    income eligibility 2024
    *For families with more than 8 persons, add $5,380 for each additional person

    • Families with income 200% or less above the poverty level are eligible for Pre-K.
    • Families who are at 130% of poverty level may also be eligible for Head Start.
    • Remember: If your family does not meet income requirements, you may still be eligible under local criteria. 

    All applicants must provide proof of income, even if they qualify under different criteria. 

    A home visit is required before a student can begin Preschool.

  • You will also need

    An email address to complete online registration

    Parent/Guardian's photo identification

    Child’s birth certificate

    Current physical (within the last year) 

    Current immunications record

    Medical insurance card for your child (Medicaid, FAMIS, Private)

    Custody papers/court papers regarding your child (if this applies to your child)

    SNAP information if your family receives benefits 

  • Contact Information

    Inquiries may be directed to:

    Angie Cain
    Early Childhood Coordinator

    Diana Benitez
    Early Childhood Family Liaison