For Parents

  • Our mission in Winchester Public Schools for our English Learner families: 

    Winchester Public Schools encourages and supports our English Learner families in becoming active members of their school community.  Each school employs at least one Parent Liaison who provides interpretation and/ or translation services in the home language for the parents.  This is done either personally by the liaison (in Spanish), or by the liaison reaching out to one of our school division resources to provide this service.

    The Parent Liaison at your child’s school will:

    • Invite parents to meetings, social events, school functions such as Parent Night or Family Night, performances, sports events, etc. This will be done using translated or interpreted communication regarding these events. 
    • Insure that interpretation services will be provided for parents at these meetings and events, so that all parents may meaningfully participate in a language which they understand.
    • Assist parents with all school communication needs such as communicating with the school office, teachers, school administration, and the school nurse or health services
    • Provide access to community resources to families for our local Winchester area.