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  • Winchester Public Schools is committed to fostering an inclusive culture by embracing diversity and equity in all its forms. It’s important that our students, staff, faculty, and guests feel included and represented throughout our division. We insist on a climate of diversity, equity and inclusion, not just because it creates a safe place for everyone, but because we’re all better and more empathetic people when we learn what it’s like to live in someone else’s shoes.

    Students for Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) advisory council is an integral part of creating a more inclusive and welcoming climate at Winchester Public Schools The purpose of the council is student advocacy. This group will review existing practices, advocate for change, and provide a platform for students to voice concerns about school culture and climate. The council will be made up of a diverse group of students at John Handley High School, Daniel Morgan Middle School, and Daniel Morgan Intermediate School. 

    The mission of the Students for Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) advisory council is to serve as an advisory group to the Coordinator of Equity and Family Empowerment and Principal, providing strategic advice and recommendations based on observations, reports, and monitoring concerning diversity at their respective schools. 

    The SEED Council acknowledges that our community is reflective of many perspectives and life experiences. Diversity in our community refers to social identities such as race, socio-economic status, ethnicity, indigenous background, immigration status, nationality, gender identity/expression, language, ability/disability, religion/spirituality, sexual orientation, political views, age, and physical appearance. 

    We aim to be a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff that engage with one another across differences in meaningful conversation and use differences to strengthen, build and embolden a WPS community of engaged global citizens.

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