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Cluster Grouping

CLUSTER Cluster Grouping - Grades 3-8

Students in grades 3-8 who have been identified as Gifted will be placed in clusters based on the area of their identification. Clusters will typically be 4-8 students per classroom. This allows students to be with their intellectual peers as well as age-level peers in their classes. 

2017/18 1st & 2nd grade clusters

2018/19 2nd grade cluster

“When teachers try to meet the diverse learning needs of all students, it becomes extremely difficult to provide adequately for everyone. Often, the highest ability students are expected to “make it on their own.” When a teacher has several gifted students, taking the time to meet their special learning needs seems more realistic. Furthermore, the social and emotional problems that occur when gifted students struggle to understand why they seem so different from their age peers may be avoided. Gifted students will actually remain more humble when they have consistent academic competition.”  

Collaboration between classroom teacher and GIS