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Talent Development (Discovery Lessons)

 discovery Discovery  Lessons K-2

In each elementary, we provide discovery lessons that assist teachers in developing Gifted thinkers and problem solvers. The goal of these Discovery lessons is to enable students to exhibit traits of giftedness while teachers observe and record various characteristics. 

Our goals are to:

    • Model inquiry, investigation, collaboration, higher-level questioning
    • 2017-18- One per semester
      • Training during PLC’s
      • Fall/Winter: Presented to ALL K-2 classrooms by Gifted Instructional Specialists and/or Coaches
      • Spring: By another grade level teacher
    • Classroom teacher completes Discovery FORM during lesson looking for creativity, curiosity, problem-solving, etc...
    • Creation of Portfolio that follows student K-2
    • Collaboration between classroom teacher and GIS