Guidelines for Safe Pupil Transportation

  • Bus Safety graphic It is the goal of the Winchester Public School Division to provide safe, comfortable and reliable transportation for children riding school buses. This goal is only attainable through the cooperation of parents, students, bus drivers, and school personnel. School bus drivers are licensed by the Division of Motor Vehicles after being trained according to Virginia Department of Education regulations and must submit to an annual physical examination.

    We are requesting your assistance in providing a SAFE and EFFICIENT transportation program for your child. Please read the requests and requirements with your child. Encourage them to abide by these guidelines in the interest of their safety and the safety of others. Thank you for the privilege of transporting and educating your children.

Students Are:

  • Required to be at their stops five minutes before the regular pick-up time.

    Requested to behave in an orderly manner at the bus stop by staying out of the street and respecting other people’s property.

    Required to watch the driver’s signal to cross in front of the bus and NEVER cross behind bus.

    Required to board the bus orderly and remain seated while the bus is in motion.

    To refrain from eating, drinking, or smoking on the bus.

    Required to keep hands and arms away from open windows.

    To refrain from having external hanging ornamentation on book bags.

    To refrain from bringing glass objects, live animals, and large items that cannot be held on their lap.

    To carry wheeled bags on/off the bus with the extension handle retracted at all times.

    Required to follow rules of the bus driver. (If any instructions or rules seem unfair, talk to the driver privately or your principal.)

    To refrain from talking at railroad crossings, enabling the driver to hear an approaching train.

    Absolutely forbidden to throw objects about the bus or out of the bus.

    To refrain from defacing or damaging the bus. Violators will be assessed repair costs and will be subject to disciplinary action.

  • Stop sign REMINDER:

School Bus Drivers Are:

  • On a regular bus schedule daily and are to refrain from waiting at bus stops for tardy students.

    Firm and fair in the endorsement of proper behavior on buses and promptly report reoccurring misbehavior to principals.

    Diligent in bus interior cleanliness and report any damages caused by students to the principal.

Parents/Guardians Are:

  • Invited to review these guidelines and confer with the Coordinator of Transportation (540/667-4253) or school principals if they have questions or concerns.

    Requested to accompany small children to and from the bus and periodically discuss with their children the necessity for proper actions and behavior at the bus stop and on the bus.

    Required to have a responsible person to meet the bus in the afternoon for Kindergarten students.

Procedure for Reporting Misconduct

  • Surveillance cameras are used to address safey concerns.

    Bus drivers will report all uncorrected discipline problems to the student’s principal as soon as practicable and possible.

    The principal will investigate all reports of misconduct on the day they are received if practicable and possible, and the disposition of the matter will be reported to all parties concerned.