A.C.E. Center

  • ACE Center graphic The A.C.E. Center is designed for students in grades 3 and 4 who learn at a faster pace and can handle advanced concepts of greater complexity. The goal of the program is to provide highly able and self-motivated elementary students with an enriched instructional program. Programming includes, but is not limited to:

    • Emphasis on higher-level thinking skills
    • Integrated approach to content areas
    • Opportunity to work with academic peers
    • Nurturing of social-emotional (affective) needs
    • Attention to individual interests
    • Emphasis on complex, advanced material

    2023-24 ACE Center Application 

    2023-24 ACE Center Application - Spanish   

    ACE Center Presentation

A.C.E. Facts

    • The ACE Center is housed at Virginia Avenue Charlotte DeHart Elementary School.
    • Transportation will be provided to the ACE Center.
    • The ACE Center serves Grade 3 and Grade 4 students. Average number of students per class is 20.
    • ACE Center students may be mainstreamed or in self-contained classrooms for core subject(s), depending on interest and/or achievement.
    • The ACE Center provides differentiated instruction to meet the unique needs and goals of each student.
    • ACE Center students will be mainstreamed for field trips, assemblies, guest speakers, specials, lunch, and other curriculum units.
    • The ACE Center provides an instructional atmosphere that promotes problem solving, risk taking, and critical, creative, and evaluative thinking.

Is the A.C.E. Center a Good Fit for Your Child?

    • Parents may want to ask themselves the following before applying for the Center-Based Program:
    • Does your child like to solve mathematical problems for fun?
    • Does your child like to design science experiments and test them?
    • Does your child like to write stories, plays, or poetry?
    • Is your child internally motivated and driven?
    • Does your child generate unique, unconventional ideas or solutions to problems?
    • Does your child like to work with intellectual peers?
    • Is your child able to consider multiple perspectives and apply critical and creative reasoning skills?
    • Does your child want to be in a center setting?​