Virginia Enrollment Requirements

  • Virginia State seal Parents should register the child even if all of the information below has not been obtained. Questions concerning registration and enrollment should be addressed to the school the child will attend. General inquiries regarding the Kindergarten program can be addressed to Jake Boula, Executive Director of Pk-12 Curriculum & Instruction, at (540) 667-4253.

    A child must be five years old on or before September 30 of the upcoming school year to enroll in kindergarten.

    A certified copy of the child's birth record is required.

    A certificate of physical examination from a physician or a health department which was completed no earlier than one year prior to the first day of school.

    TWO (2) Proofs of residency in the City of Winchester. The parent or legal guardian must provide at least two documents from the following list. The documents must show the parent/guardian’s name and current Winchester address of residence as it appears on school registration documents. It must indicate a street address. A post office box or business address is not acceptable.

    • Utility bill, not more than two months old, issued to applicant (examples include gas, electric, water/sewer, or phone bill). Cellular phone, cable and pager bills are not accepted.
    • Receipt for personal property taxes or real estate taxes paid within the last year to the Commonwealth of Virginia or the City of Winchester.
    • Current homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy.
    • Current deed, mortgage, monthly mortgage statement or residential rental/ lease agreement.
    • If the parent/guardian is unable to provide proof of residency in his/her own name, he/she must provide two documents from the above list displaying the name of the person who is providing housing to the parent and student. In addition, the parent/guardian must provide a notarized form, signed by that person, verifying the parent/guardian’s and student’s residency at the address shown (complete Form JEC-R5). If further determination is needed, a referral should be made to the grade level Student Support Specialist or the Coordinator of Student Support Services. A home visit may be conducted by Student Support staff as necessary.

Immunization Requirements

  • School vaccinations are a requirement for school attendance in the state of Virginia. Per the Code of Virginia § 22.1-271.2, no student shall be admitted by a school unless at the time of admission the student or their parent submits documentary proof of immunization. There are required school vaccinations for students in kindergarten, 7th, and 12th grade. In the event that your child missed a required vaccination in any of the aforementioned grades, they will be required to receive the missed vaccine(s).

    Please review the supplemental guidance that has been provided by the Virginia Department of Health. The minimum requirements for school vaccines are communicated by grade level.

    Supplementary Guidance - English

    Supplementary Guidance - Spanish

    Students entering kindergarten must also receive a comprehensive physical examination.  

    Please be advised that if your child’s school does not receive documentation of your child’s required vaccinations and/or physical examination prior to the first day of school, they will be excluded from school attendance until this information has been received. Vaccinations can be administered by your child’s pediatrician. In addition, these vaccines are offered at the Frederick/Winchester Health Department. To make an appointment at the health department, located at 10 Baker Street, please call (540) 722-3470.

    For a complete schedule of childhood vaccines, view the Virginia Department of Health's Childhood Vaccination Schedule:

    Childhood Vaccination Schedule - English

    Childhood Vaccination Schedule - Spanish

    For more information regarding minimum immunization requirements, refer to the Virginia Department of Health website.