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Bich Ngoe Vo Receives Carnation Care Award

Carnation Care Award given to Bich Ngoe VoWinchester Public Schools and John Handley High School are so proud of Bich Ngoe Vo for being awarded the Carnation Care Award for Extraordinary Nursing Assistants from Valley Health as she works as a Certified Nurse Aide at Valley Health as part of the cooperative education program collaboration between Winchester Medical Center and Winchester Public Schools. Bich completed the JHHS Nurse Bich Ngoe Vo Aide program in the spring of 2019 and has been working at Valley Health in the capacity of a Nurse Aide over the 2019-2020 school year. The honor of this recognition is open for all Nursing Assistants and other healthcare technicians employed at Valley Health.

The Carnation nomination is made by a patient who has received exceptional care during an experience at Winchester Medical Center. The patient states:

“I am impressed with this young lady’s care and dedication to her job. I am amazed at the meticulous care she took…to do so with such concern for my comfort…she went above and beyond to help me. It’s rewarding to see someone that young show so much care for someone under her care.”

The awards are typically presented during a ceremony, however in light of COVID-19, the staff surprised Bich during her shift. Bich said, “I was genuinely shocked to receive the carnation award and I’m extremely grateful for it. Receiving the award felt like a reassurance to me and the best thing ever as my time with the co-op program is coming to an end.”