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WPS Addresses Student Safety Concerns

Winchester Public Schools takes allegations of sexual assault and harassment very seriously. It is important to our school division to promptly and thoroughly address any allegations of sexual assault and harassment affecting our students.

We care deeply about our students’ well-being and believe every child should be afforded protection from the violation and fear of assault and harassment in our schools. The school board’s policies establish these principles.

While we cannot specifically address the allegations, nor can we lawfully share confidential student records and information, we can directly address our practices and policies as they relate to such issues and our ongoing, demonstrated commitment to student safety and support.

It is vital that we have sensible, transparent and constructive discourse with our community on issues of student safety, and it is not the intent of our school division to bypass this consequential conversation. Rather, we invite the local community to do two things:

1.  Learn more about our policies concerning how we consistently handle prohibited harassment of students and staff, including our ongoing practice of providing all students with a supportive and safe learning environment.

See school board policies JFHA and GBA.

Read a recent statement from the superintendent regarding student safety to WPS Staff.

2.  The voices of our community are paramount, especially student voices. If you are a student or parent in our school division with questions and concerns on matters of student safety, please don’t hesitate to contact the school board and the superintendent’s office. We will engage in constructive and respectful dialogue to discuss student safety and support.