• Digital Images

  • All images used in your projects should be cited properly regardless of where you obtained them. The question is not whether you have to cite them, but rather, whether or not you must obtain permission to use them at all.  You should always give credit to the original source. 


    Use These Pics! 

    Citing Digital Images

    Google Images - Many people mistakenly assume that any images found on a google image search are okay to use however they choose. This is most definitely NOT the case. You can, however, find images using Google that are okay to use without asking permission. When searching, go to settings and then advanced search. At the bottom of the advanced search options you can change the usage rights to "free to use or share" or modify if applicable. 

    Here are some other sources that can help you find images you can use without asking permission from the contributor:

    Creative Commons

    Larry Ferlazzo's Best Online Sources for Images

Apps & Presentation Tools

  • 22 Web Sites for Educators: five different categories for digital projects and classroom interaction

    Animoto -- Create easy videos and presentations using photos, images, videos, and music

    Audacity -- Free audio editing and recording

    Dragon Dictation -- Compatible with ipad and used to dictate text, which can be copied to any application

    EduCanon -- Interactive, web-based tool that allows you to inject formative assessments into pre-made videos from sites like Khan Academic, Teacher Tube, YouTube, etc.

    Explain Everything -- Interactive whiteboard and screen casting tool

    Evernote -- Create notes and idea lists that are accessible anywhere through the cloud

    Freeplay Music -- Copyright-free music to download

    Haiku Deck -- Presentation software to create fun, beautiful,and effective slides

    Jeopardy Labs -- Online Jeopardy template to create study games

    Jing -- Captures still images from your computer screen or captures video as you narrate and click through items on your computer screen.

    Kahoot -- Free game based platform that works on any device with Internet connection.

    Mixbook -- Create custom photo books, scrapbooks, or cards

    Movie Maker -- Import photos and videos and add or edit audio

    Photo Story -- Create slideshows using digital photos and personalize them with captions, special effects, music, voice narration

    PicMonkey -- Edit photos and create custom collages

    Piktochart --Make your own infographics and print or share online

    Popplet -- Create digital idea webs, collect materials related to a subject, or create a digital poster board

    Prezi -- A fun alternative to Powerpoint that allows you to organize your information visually

    Puppet Pals HD --Compatible with iPad and used to create automation and audio in real time.

    Quozio -- turns meaningful words into beautiful images in seconds. Then share 'em on Facebook, Pinterest, email and more!

    Quizlet -- study site that allows students to create customized learning tools, games, and digital flashcards

    SlideRocket -- Import your Power Point or Google presentations to store in the cloud or build presentations that include audio, video, and visual components

    SlideShare -- Upload and share presentations, documents, and videos

    Smore -- Design newsletters or flyers and share online or email to others

    StoryboardThat - Digital Storytelling; Powerful Visual Communication, Made Easy

    Storyrobe -- Digital story telling app for the ipad, iphone, and ipad touch.

    Survey Monkey -- Create and distribute your own survey, then analyze the results 

    Tagxedo -- turns words -- famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, even your love letters -- into a visually stunning word cloud, words individually sized appropriately to highlight the frequencies of occurrence within the body of text.

    TodaysMeet -- Gives everyone a voice to express ideas and improves meetings, presentations, Socratic seminars and fishbowls, movies and silent activities, reviews and snow days, and more.

    Toontastic -- Compatible with ipad and used to create animated stories

    ToonDoo -- Create custom cartoons and comic strips

    Touchcast -- Embed web links, documents, pictures and more into video presentations, making them completely interactive. 

    Weebly for Education -- Free website generating tool that includes contemporary backgrounds and layouts.

    Wordle -- Create word clouds with a variety of color and formatting options to print, save, or share

    Zite --Compatible with iphone and ipad, this is an intelligent magazine that helps you discover interesting things to read

    ZooBurst -- Digital story telling tool that allows you to create 3D pop-up book

For Teachers

  • Free Technology for Teachers is a personal project of Richard Byrne. 

    Flubarro  --  Grade online assignments in under a minute! Get reporting and analysis on student performance! Email students their scores.