JHHS SGA Information

  • sga logoStudent Government Association

    Sponsors: Cosmo Balio & Chyanna Jones
    Location: EGSIC and Counseling Dept.

    Its purpose shall be to provide procedures for the organization and establishment of all clubs, associations, and societies connected with the school; to provide general regulations for their conduct and practice; to define their rights and privileges; to make all contracts and agreements between the student body and all other persons, firms, or corporations; to be the student government of John Handley High School. The SGA works in collaboration with the school and class leadership to make JHHS the best place to be! Various activities, including Fall Day, Homecoming, Winter Day, and more, are coordinated by the SGA. All students are encouraged to participate in SGA activities. Elections for leadership positions take place in the Spring of each school year. Contact Mr. Balio and Ms. Jones for more information.

    SGA Officers 2023-2024:
    President: Isabella Balio
    Vice President: Molly Shea-Roop
    Secretary: Medhanash Sharma
    Social Media Dirctor: Ellie Bessette


  • classes logoClasses of 2024 - 2027

    Each class works with the SGA to make Handley a great place for students. Classes participate in Homecoming festivities, class competitions, and other class events throughout the year. Students can get involved by joining in on Fall Day and Winter Day, helping with fundraising, hallway decorating, etc. When your class asks for help, EVERYONE is welcome, not just class officers. The more involved you are, the better your class will be! 





  • Seniors

    Caitlin Echelberger
    J. Sheaffer

  • Sophomores

    Kelly Huynh
    Noah Miller

  • Juniors

    Shane Campbell
    Valerie O'Keeffe

  • Freshmen

    Haley Nelson
    JC Quinn