Welcome to Art

  • Art Education is important in the development of every child. Some of the benefits of art include increased motor skills, cultural awareness, confidence, perseverance, collaboration, and focus.  At FDES, every child is an artist.  In art class, we learn about famous artists and their historical context;  we draw and paint with a focus on observation;  we sculpt in a variety of mediums; but most importantly, we are pushed to think like artists.  We take risks and celebrate mistakes. As an art educator, I have the pleasure of watching children blossom into artists with distinct preferences and approaches to art.  Thank you and we look forward to an art-filled year!

What Are We Learning in Art?

  • Students are taught in accordance with Virginia and National art education standards. These standards are built upon the following principles to be developmentally appropriate and to have cross curricular connections: Visual Communication and Production; Art History and Cultural Context; Analysis, Evaluation, and Critique; Aesthetics; Safety.

Our Art Teacher

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    Mrs. Jessie Westman
    Art Teacher

    Mrs. Westman graduated from Michigan State University in 2005.  She has been teaching art at the elementary level for over 15 years.