EAGLE Program at FDES

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    is the Enrichment And Gifted Learning Experience at FDES. The program allows students to remain at FDES and continue in the dual language program while receiving specialized instruction to meet the needs of the gifted learner. 

    What will specialized instruction in the EAGLE program look like on a daily basis? 

    • Your gifted learner will be grouped/clustered in a classroom with other gifted peers.(This has always been a part of the gifted model at FDES and is not new with the creation of EAGLE.)
    • Project based, personalized learning will take place each day within the regular classroom. Your child will have a project that they work on individually or in a small group. 
    • Your gifted learner will receive small group, challenging, problem-based instruction twice a week. This will take place in the STEAM lab with intellectual peers. They will take material from this instruction back to the classroom.
    • Your gifted learner will continue in the dual language program and remain on track to receive a state seal of Biliteracy upon graduation from high school. 
    • At least one personalized project will be based on biliteracy development and global competencies.  
    • Each quarter, your child will establish specific learning goals. He/she will meet with you, along with the classroom teacher and STEAM teacher to share progress toward the accomplishment of the goals. 

    Students who have been identified as gifted learners are eligible for the EAGLE program. Contact Principal Downey for more information.