Welcome to Music

  • Music Education is an integral part of every child's education. Participating in music class promotes the development of focus, confidence, language skills, and academic achievement in other subject areas. Practicing music also builds teamwork, collaboration, communication skills, leadership skills, and creativity.

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What Are We Learning in Music?

  • FDES students work on mastery of musical literacy in order to communicate with others through performing, responding, developing their own creative capacity. My students learn higher level thinking skills and set goals towards the improvement of their musicianship. Musically literate students understand works from a variety of cultures and historical periods while appreciating diverse musical forms of enduring quality and significance. Through dramatic play, instruments, singing, and dancing students develop discipline, confidence, respect of themselves, and the respect of others.The learning is engaging and rigorous. When you combine these two attributes in a curriculum it allows students to collaboratively share their work with communities thereby enhancing the lives of others while establishing a pattern of lifelong learning.

Our Music Teacher

  • Kathy Mathias

    Mrs. Kathy Mathias

    Music Teacher

    Mrs. Kathy Mathias earned a BS in Music from West Virginia University and a MS in Music Education from Shenandoah University.  She is an active member and past officer of the Music of the Valley Orff Chapter.