Welcome to Physical Education

  • Mr. Madden, (Physical Education Teacher), welcomes all students and parents to a great new school year at Frederick Douglass Elementary School. It’s my pleasure to teach your child physical skills and integrated subject areas relating to the standards of learning curriculum during Physical Education class. Students learn through physical movement experiences and cooperative play in Physical education class. The Physical Education Program at F.D.E.S. strives to offer a variety of physical movement activities and experiences throughout the school year allowing for optimal growth leading to a healthy life style.

    I’m looking forward towards an energetic and active year with your child. My focus is for your child to be happy about what he or she can achieve setting personal goals for skill development and fitness. We believe that a quality Physical Education experience is essential to your child’s total educational experience. Research studies strongly demonstrates how physical exercise can boost brain power allowing for optimal learning and growth needed for a healthy life style.

What Are We Learning in P.E.?

Physical Challenges and Recognition Rewards

  • Students in all grade levels will have ample opportunities to earn a variety of student recognition rewards for achieving physical challenges and growth throughout the school year. In addition to earning student recognition rewards for physical performances, students may earn “Panda Paws” on a daily basis for demonstrating good sportsmanlike conduct. ARE YOU READY FOR THE CHALLENGE?

Items Needed for PE

  • Students are required to wear “Tennis Shoes” or “Sneakers” to P.E. class. Wearing Tennis Shoes allows for safe movement preventing bodily injuries. Students should also wear loose or flexible clothing on P.E. days. Therefore, please remind your child to wear “Tennis Shoes” and flexible clothing on scheduled P.E. days.  

    Please inform us of any health related problems such as: Asthma, Diabetes, Allergies & Allergic Reactions, Heart Problems, Seizures, or other medical concerns in order for us to provide the necessary adaptations for active participation. 

Our PE Teacher

  • Rodney Madden
    Mr. Rodney Madden
    Physical Education Teacher

    Mr. Rodney Madden earned his BA in Education from Edinboro University and a MA in School Administration from Shenandoah University.  He has been teaching Physical Education for 29 years.