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JHHS Common Sense School

John Handley High School is proud to announce that the school has been recognized as a Common Sense School for 2022-2024.  Common Sense is the national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids and families thrive in a world of media and technology. The recognition acknowledges our school's commitment to helping students build skills that are essential for their well-being today—and for the opportunities they'll have tomorrow.   

Digital media and technology are evolving at a dizzying pace, both unlocking extraordinary opportunities and posing real risks for young people. Students at all ages are using the immense power of the internet and mobile technology to explore, connect, create, and learn in ways never before imagined, both in and out of the classroom. At the same time, tech use can bring up ethical challenges such as cyberbullying and misinformation and health issues related to media balance and social and emotional well-being. 

At JHHS, we see these as teachable moments. We believe that digital citizenship skills have become essential for students in the 21st century, especially this school year. That's why we are committed to teaching our students how to be digital learners, leaders, and citizens. 

JHHS has been using Common Sense Education's innovative and research-based digital citizenship resources, which teach students, educators, and parents tangible skills related to internet safety, protecting online reputations and personal privacy, media balance, managing online relationships, and media literacy. The free K–12 curriculum is used in classrooms across all 50 states, in more than 80,000 schools.  To see all of Common Sense Education's resources, visit

Common Sense School Badge